In Case You Were Wondering Wednesday

Sorry, I missed last week. I don’t know why, I can’t even remember last week really. Suffice it to say the kids were outta school and things just don’t run the same when they are home… Anyway…

This week I’ve decided to dedicate Wondering Wednesday to my wonderful hubby since we just celebrated our anniversary and he just had a birthday yesterday! Yup, we like to cram as much celebrations in a month as we can….



1. What is his name? Eric
2. What is his age? 31
3. When is his birthday? November 30
4. What color is his hair? Brown
5. What color are his eyes? Green
6. How tall is he? About 6′ 1″ or so
7. What is his ethnicity? Caucasian


8. When did you meet? Uh, must’ve been the Spring of 1996
9. Where did you meet? At a church basketball game
10. Did you speak at that moment? No
11. Did you flirt with each other? No
12. Did you exchange numbers? No
13. Did he know you liked him? Probably…I wasn’t very good at hiding things like that
14. Did you know he liked you? No and he claims he didn’t for quite a few months…Ask him, he’ll gladly tell you the story.
15. Did he have a girlfriend? Sorta
16. Did you have a boyfriend? Yes
17. Did you become friends? In a matter of speaking


18. How did you end up hooking up? My friend and his friend were dating, so the 4 of us hung out together a lot. One night we were just talking on the phone and I asked him some question to which he answered with something like: “Because you’re my girl” and it just went from there.
19. When did you end up hooking up? Summer of 1996
20. How long did it take to get together? Reading the answers, you do the math…a matter of months.
21. How long were you dating before you got married? 2 years
22. Did your families know about the marriage? Yes, though some weren’t happy about it
23. Were they present at the time? Yup
24. Had you met each others families? Yes
25. Do you have kids together? Only 5
26. Do you love one another? Yes
27. Do you see being with him forever? Yes
28. Five words to describe him?
29. What do you love about him? I love that he is so unselfish and that his thoughts are mainly focused on me (not trying to sound like his thoughts should always be about me) and how I am feeling. I love that he is so open and honest with me. I love that he knows just what to say to make me feel better and I LOVE that in any discussion we have he makes analogies to get his point across.
30. What is his best physical feature? I LOVE his eyes. I hated when he wore glasses and a hat because it shielded his eyes. I am thrilled that his glasses are scratched beyond seeing out of so that he is forced to wear his contacts…Is that mean of me?


31. Do you like his family? I love his family, seriously.
32. Do they like you? Well, they all act like they do.
33. Does he like your family? For the most part.
34. Do they like him? For the most part.
35. Do they support your marriage? Now that we’ve proved them wrong – yes.
36. Who do you see more his family or yours? His


37. I love his…Eyes
38. Our song is…Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel
39. His fave three things are…
Me 😉
His car
His laptop
His cell phone
40. I want to tell him… I love him and wish he would come home NOW!
41. I would never… Intentionally hurt him or embarrass him in front of people
42. He is my… EVERYTHING!

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