12 Years Later And We’re Still Holding It Together…Most Days

This past weekend Eric and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary.

Yes, we got married the day after Thanksgiving in 1998. Our original wedding date was sometime in December, but because Eric had relatives from out of town that were going to be in Utah for Thanksgiving, we moved it up.

This means that our anniversary sometimes falls on Thanksgiving. This year it didn’t – it fell on Saturday, but we started our celebration on Friday.

Friday afternoon we dropped a sick little Ailey and Lex with my mom, then we took the other three to Eric’s parents. After dropping the young ‘uns off, we went to lunch/dinner at Training Table. Because I hadn’t really eaten all day, I was starving and probably ate too quickly. But the food was good and filled me up.

After dinner we headed to the mall where we both worked in high school. The only reason for this was to get some popcorn at the store where I worked throughout high school. Because we live so far from this mall now I don’t get the popcorn very often and when we are close I will get some.

We wandered the mall for a bit until Eric said we could head off to our next adventure. (He planned everything, I was left in the dark. So we get in the car and he grabs a sleeping mask out of the glove compartment. He asked me to put in on, and I agreed.

We drove for awhile and I wasn’t quite sure where we were. I had a feeling we were downtown, but wasn’t sure exactly where. Eric finally parked and told me I could take the mask off. I still wasn’t exactly sure where in downtown we were, but we started walking.

I finally figured out we were going to see the lights at temple square. It was the first night of lights and pretty crowded, but we still had a nice time just being together to enjoy the view even if it was FREEZING!

After the lights, we got back in the car and the mask went back on. Eric asked if I could tell which direction we were heading and I couldn’t. We drove for awhile and finally came to a stop again. This time I had to keep the mask on as he led me to our destination.
Walking a path I walk almost daily, I figured we were most likely at home, but I still wasn’t positive. We walked inside, Eric turned on our song and we had a nice dance. After our dance he took off the mask and I saw this (thanks, Heather):

It was so nice to have a quiet night at home sans kids. It’s an experience we’ve never had. Sure, we’ve had a few kids gone here or there, but a baby is usually still home. And we’ve gone away without kids, but it was nice to have the comforts of home without the responsibilities of being parents for a night. We had a nice night together and it was good to reconnect.

In the morning we were going to head for breakfast, and because I’m such an early riser (especially without kids around) we made it out the door in time for lunch. LOL! We had a nice lunch at Sizzler and complained about the Christmas songs that were being ruined and had a discussion about 12 years previously when I was sure Eric backed out. (He and his brother were the LAST ones to show up at the luncheon before the wedding).

After lunch we decided we’d better be responsible parents and get our children. We went and got Lex and Ailey and found out that Ailey just felt worse. You could see it in her eyes and she barely had a voice. It was so sad to see and hear.

We then went to Eric’s parents house to pick up the other kids. Well, Eric’s mom was surprised to see us so early and said she still had a project she wanted to do with the kids: Shrinky Dinks. Eric said okay and that we had awhile. So the kids, Eric’s mom and I got started on our Shrinky Dinks.

This project took longer than Eric and I had originally thought. Growing up Shrinky Dinks came precut and all you had to do was color it in. Well nowadays (or with what Eric’s mom had) we had to trace the picture then color it in. My hand was pretty sore after all that tracing and coloring, but look how cute they turned out:

While the kids and I were busy with our project, Eric snuggled a sick little Ailey while he watched the BYU/UTAH game with his Dad. I didn’t watch it, but I could tell from their reactions how the game was going. And I’m going to say right now, I am SO THANKFUL I have a hubby who doesn’t lose his temper while watching a game, nor does he try to tell the players how to play.

After the project was done and the game was over we headed home. We had to stop at the store for a few items, but then it was time for home. When we got home I made a quick dinner and then I had to prepare my primary lesson. Because of all I had to get done, Eric was the one who had to care for Ailey again. She didn’t want to go to sleep, but eventually gave in.

When Ailey woke up Sunday morning, she sounded a little better, but was still sick. So, Eric stayed home with Ailey while I took the other kids to church. We are a bit late and when we sit down I realize that Nate has a dirty diaper.

Well, the weather is crappy and the 4 wheel drive isn’t working in my car, so I didn’t want to go home and come back to church so I endured it. I asked a friend if she had any extra pullups or anything, but she didn’t.

That meant Nate had to come to my primary class with me. There was a teacher that didn’t show up, so I got 3 extra kids in my class as well. Luckily they were fairly calm kids. There is one sweet boy in my class that has a hard time being reverent and saying things that pertain to the lesson and this wasn’t one of his better weeks. Nathaniel was also being extremely clingy.

So I was stressed and then my class left late for sharing time so the next class was waiting for the room. So I wasn’t able to get my stuff all put together before I left. I figured no big deal, I can do it quickly during sharing time. Well Nathaniel wouldn’t let me do anything but hold him and he was squirming the whole time. I couldn’t wait to get home.

I got home and made lunch/dinner and then I was able to relax for a bit. After an hour or so of relaxation we decorated the tree. Well, the kids and I did, which meant Eric was taking care of Ailey again.

It was a crazy weekend and it made me realize just how thankful I am for such an unselfish husband who planned such a nice time for me and then who turned around and took care of his sick baby girl most of the weekend. I am thankful for the 12 years we’ve been married and that our relationship is better than a lot of relationships we’ve witnessed around us. I am thankful he is so open and honest with me and that he doesn’t keep anything from me. I am proud of the father he is to our children and that we can keep each other grounded. He is truly my best friend and I couldn’t ask for more. I love you, Eric!

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3 thoughts on “12 Years Later And We’re Still Holding It Together…Most Days

  1. Heather says:

    I am so glad you had a nice Anniversary! You deserve a nice day or two.
    You should know that your husband got all the decorations, the rose petals and the flowers, even the scent. All I did was decorate!


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