In Case You Were Wondering Wednesday



1. What was the last show you watched on tv? Glee
2. Who is your favorite person on the show? Mr. Schuester
3. Do you know the theme song by heart? Well it doesn’t really have lyrics…but I guess I’ll say yes.
4. What channel did you watch it on? Fox online
5. Had you seen the episode before? No
6. Was it funny? No, not really
7. Is it your favorite show? One of them, yes
8. Do you watch it often? Every week
9. Do they still make new episodes? Yes
10. How long was it? 40 minutes or so


1. What is the last song you listened to? Gotta Be Somebody
2. Do you actually know the lyrics to the song? Mostly
3. How long is it? 4 minutes
4. What genre of music is it? I’ll go with rock…I could be wrong
5. Who sings it? Nickleback
6. Did you listen to it more than once? No
7. When did you first listen to the song? Not positive, but one of the first times was on an anniversary getaway during our drive.
8. What does it make you think of? How lucky I am to have certain people in my life
9. Is it one of your favorite songs? No
10. Can you dance to it? I can dance to any song…it just might not be well.


1. Who’s your best friend? My wonderful hubby, Eric
2. How long have you been friends with this person? 13 years
3. Where did you first meet? At a Young Women’s basketball game
4. Do you know their middle name? Yes, it’s his Dad’s given name
5. What color is their hair? Dark Brown
6. Can you tell this person anything? Yes
7. How often do you fight with each other? Once a week or less…we really don’t fight that often.
8. Are they smart? Very
9. Do they laugh a lot? Yeah
10. What’s something that only you and your friend know? A lot of things, but I’m certainly not sharing any…


1. What are you afraid of? Snakes, Heights, Dying Young
2. Are your ears pierced? Yes
3. What is your favorite thing from McDonalds? I hate McDonalds food, so I’ll go with a McFlurry
4. Do you paint your nails? Occasionally
5. What is your favorite thing to wear? PJ’s
6. Stripes or Spots? Spots
7. Playstation or Xbox? Xbox
8. Are you good at growing plants? Ha…Not in the least…
9. Do you wear glasses? Occasionally, though I try to avoid wearing them in public.

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One Comment on “In Case You Were Wondering Wednesday

  1. LOL, fun to learn more about you! I liked Glee for a while when it first came out and then it just got too dirty and immoral for me. 😦 Sad, because I really liked the music.


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