Getting In The Spirit Of Halloween

So, Eric and I got invited to an Adult (read: no kids) Halloween Party this past weekend, but there was one minor issue: Eric DOESN’T dress up. Getting him to dress up as a 50’s greaser for a murder party a few years ago was like pulling teeth, so I didn’t know how this ‘costume required’ party would work out for him.

A few years ago we had this plan and made a deal that if I lost x amount of pounds (my idea), we’d dress up as Men In Black for Halloween. Well I didn’t lose any weight so he didn’t have to keep his side of the deal.

So when we got this invite, we were thinking we’d just do our Men In Black idea. Well that meant we’d have to search for a suit coat and slacks for me. Then, Eric started thinking that he could do ‘Street Wolverine’:

He had it all planned out and was so excited about it. But when he told the host of his plans, the host told Eric that their friend, Eric, was already planning on being Wolverine. So it was back to Men In Black.

I was kinda sad about not being able to do the Wolverine thing because I can see Eric in a suit and tie weekly. I wanted to see him actually dress up. After sharing my feelings with Eric, this is what we came up with:

If you don’t know who we are…try this.


Translated into this:

And this:

Translated into this:

If you still don’t have a clue, I guess I will tell you. I was Rogue and Eric was Gambit. Both are characters from Marvel Comics X-Men. I have liked the character Rogue since I was first introduced to her in a cartoon that was on while I was in Jr.High. Eric’s always loved the X-Men and his fave character is Wolverine. But since Wolverine was already taken he went with another likeable character and that was Gambit.

While the party was fun and a great night out sans kids, I had the most fun planning and shopping with my best friend. It was fun to see him somewhat excited about dressing up and to have him pretty much put my costume together. (Plus I got a killer pair of boots to wear whenever) It was also fun to see the kids reactions. They were excited to see Mom & Dad dress up and Shaylyn was even taking pictures with her DS while we were taking pics with our camera.

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3 thoughts on “Getting In The Spirit Of Halloween

  1. Momnerd says:

    So fun! And you guys look so cute! (I mean cool!) Eldon was trying to grow his beard to shave it like wolverine until I made him shave it for family pics. lol When do I get to hold your baby again?


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