In The Eyes Of A Child

There are many, many walls in my home. Most of them are filled with pictures and there is really no rhyme or reason to the way they are hung. I try my best to make nice arrangements, but I DO NOT have any skill in interior decorating, so I do my best.

That being said, this is my favorite wall in my home (is it weird to have a favorite wall?) and it recently got 3 new additions to it. Here is my favorite wall…. And please don’t look too closely or you might see that some pictures are crooked and some pictures aren’t spaced EXACTLY evenly.

If you don’t know why this wall would be my favorite then you need help. 😉

Anyway, the 3 new additions happen to be those 2 blue frames and the pink frames. Those are cute pictures of my nephews and niece. And if you notice there is a place underneath Ailey, next to Nate that looks a little off balance – well that, my dear friends, is a very special spot, reserved for a very special little guy named Carson. He will join the wall in just over a month or so.

Andyway, I got those frames from Allie Kelly Frame Co. I love this company. It is a husband/wife team and all their frame collections are named after family members. I love the fact that I can choose whatever colors I want and whatever look I want. (FYI – The vinyl lettering I did on my own. The frames don’t come that way) I will eventually replace all my frames so that they are all alike. The black and “white” frames are actually from Rod Works.

Okay, not sure why I went off on that tangent. I just wanted to share my favorite wall with y’all.

And somewhat unrelated, this:

My wonderful clock. It used to house pictures of our family…Eric, Tanis, Shaylyn, Lex, Me, Lex, Shaylyn, Tanis….and it stayed that way for years. Probably close to 4 years since Lex looks about 2 in all the pictures that were in there.

Well, I had this wonderful idea the other day, to change the clock to pics representing the season. It didn’t turn out quite as cute as I had hoped, but it is something new and now Eric can’t tell me that he is bothered by the fact that it’s just our faces staring back at us. HAHAHA!

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One thought on “In The Eyes Of A Child

  1. Marisa says:

    Such a great idea! My sil just posted her fav wall too! Maybe I should get on the band wagon … oh yeah, all of my walls are white … I better get on that! Thanks for the inspiration!


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