We’ve Got Spirit

Okay, truthfully….we really have ZERO school spirit. Yes, you read that right ZERO. We didn’t have school spirit in high school (I went to 1 basketball game and 1 football game my 3 years there, Eric went to a bunch but only for the chicks (his words)) and we certainly don’t have it now. We probably won’t have it in the years to come either, unless our kids do the sports route – even then, I don’t think we’ll have school spirit. We will just be going to sporting events to support our kids. Just like we supported Shaylyn this past week.

A few weeks ago Shaylyn brought home a flier that said the High School’s drill team and cheerleaders were having a mini drill and cheer clinic. Shaylyn expressed interest in it and I told her she needed to talk with her dad. (He gets to make the odd money decisions like that)

After talking with Eric (I had kinda hoped he’d say, ‘no’.) it was decided that she could do it. Though she’d have to do some work to ‘pay’ for it. (I still need to cash in on that)

So last week the clinics started. She was supposed to go on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Well in the middle of the day on Wednesday I realized that these clinics had started and she had totally missed Tuesdays clinic. Ooooops…I blame ‘Mommy Brain’. I was then concerned that her clinics were at 4:30, which is when I had a Visiting Teaching appt. made. I really didn’t want to reschedule the appt. so I was glad to read that the cheer clinic was at 5:30.

We went Visiting Teaching at our 4:30 slot and were having a wonderful time visiting. When I explained that I had to go and why I was cutting it so short, this WONDERFUL, NEW sister that I visit teach volunteered to watch the older boys and my sweet little girl so I only had to deal with Nathaniel. (Actually she volunteered to watch Nate too, but he wouldn’t stay) I felt so weird that I actually left the kids…It was like saying, “I came to visit teach you now watch my kids.” It was so appreciated though.

So I take Shaylyn over to the school and it is major CHAOS. Oh well…whatever. She starts out stretching and then they go right into the routine and cheer they learned on Tuesday (DANG IT!). Shaylyn does her best to catch up, and caught on pretty quick.

The next day we do the same thing all over again, though I had to take all the kids with me this time. Luckily, they were all VERY well behaved! I was glad I didn’t have to get mean. I remembered the camera, so I took some pics of her practicing. I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to see her at the performance.

Friday night she got to perform at the High School football game. I made Eric take her as we got one free ticket to the game. I don’t deal well with crowds for one thing and I had seen the routine the past two days. We also didn’t want to pay for the whole family to go the game. (Again, the whole no school spirit thing….)

Luckily, Eric was seated in a spot that he got a good enough view of our Shaylynnie. Eric said that Shaylyn was so happy to see her daddy watching her and she had a big grin on her face for him. (See, it’s good I let them have a little daddy/daughter time)

(And yes, I am realizing I like parenthesis almost as much as ellipsis …. Deal with it!)

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