All Girls Weekend

So last weekend I ran away from home and took a trip with my mommy, sisters, daughters and niece. It was awesome, but way too short!

My older sister and her roommate were already going to be in St. George for a Stampin’ Up convention as my sisters roommate is a demonstrator. So when discussions arose about what we were going to do this year for Women’s Conference, my sister suggested we all head down to St. George.

Somehow, I convinced Eric that he was okay with it. And at first I was dead set on leaving all the kids home with Daddy. But then I kept going back on forth with Ailey. One day, I would be fine leaving her – the next day I worried I’d miss her so much since her coustwin would be going. The night before we left I had made a final decision that she was staying.

Well I woke up Friday morning just feeling like I needed to take Ailey with me. After telling the older kids goodbye and that I wouldn’t be home when they got home from school, Shaylyn asked if I was leaving Ailey home. When I said, ‘no’, Shaylyn was sad that I was taking her sister away from her.

After the kids had left for school, I did some more thinking and decided I would ask Shaylyn if she wanted to come when I was done helping at the school. When I was done helping Lex’s teacher (as I do every Friday), I had the office call Shaylyn down.

I had a talk with Shaylyn and explained that we would be in the car for 5 hours or so and that on Saturday we would be going to a meeting kind of like Sacrament Meeting that would last almost 2 hours. She understood and said she’d like to come. So I checked her out of school.

We met up with my little sis (My chauffeur) around 2:30 at Walmart. After grabbing a few last items I needed at Walmart we headed to my Mom’s. My mom was slow and not ready when we got there and Ailey decided she needed to eat. So we didn’t leave my Mom’s until 4:30.

We met up with my older sister at her house around 5:30 and we were on our way. We had to stop a couple times along the way so that my little sister could feed her baby. I sat in the back and fed Ailey in her carseat if she wasn’t ready to eat at the same time as my niece. At one point during our drive my niece was ready to eat, so we pulled off at a Ranch Exit. It was pitch black so we left the car lights on while we fed the babies.

After the babies were done, we tried to start the car again and it wouldn’t start. So here we were – 5 women and 3 girls ALONE in the dark needing to jump a car. Luckily my older sister is quite intelligent and has learned lots of things in her lifetime. She knew exactly how to jump start a battery and we were on our way.

We stopped for dinner at a Wendy’s around 10:00 and the service was crappy with a capital C. Luckily the food was good or we might have screamed a little. 😉
We finally get to St. George around 11:30 and we all just crashed.

The next morning we got up around 9:00 and got ready for the day. It was decided that we would go shopping at the outlet stores. Well, shopping when you’re broke SUCKS! I knew I had enough money to get Shaylyn a little something. So she found a black dress thing (she is in this ‘goth’ phase) with purple in it that she really liked and because it was on sale, I bought it. But, then I knew I didn’t have any money for me, so it was boring the rest of the day.

…I guess she didn’t like what Makayla said to her…

…Grandma & Makayla…

…The 2nd cutest baby girl in the world!…

We had a little something around 2:00 to tide us over as we would be having ‘dinner’ around 4:30. So after we had a quick something we headed to Old Navy for a bit. We had to rush out of Old Navy when we realized what time it was so that we had time to get back to the hotel, change into our Sunday Best and head to dinner.

We went to dinner at Olive Garden and once again our service was CRAP, but the food was good. Our waitress was one of the SLOWEST people on the planet.

When we were done my mom and little sister headed out to her car as they paid with cash to head to the nearest Stake Center for the conference. While those of us who paid with cards waited. My older sister told the waitress, “We are kind of in a hurry, so if you’ll just take the cards, we will fill the to-go boxes.”

The slow waitress still insisted on filling up the to-go boxes and then just meandered over to the cash register to run all the cards. Then she meanders back over to us. We practically run out the door and get into my sisters friends car and we are off.

We see a church building on top of a hill and head up the hill, only to find the parking lot vacant. Apparently we found the wrong building. Ooops…we then head back and finally find the correct church. The meeting has already started and we have no idea where my mom and little sister and Ailey are and the room is pitch black so we couldn’t see. We just slide in the the very back and take a seat.

After a few minutes, my older sister says: “That was Mom that just walked out (on the opposite side of the room), go tell her we are over here so that she knows we’re here.”

I walk over to my mom who has Ailey and Ailey isn’t very happy. So I stay with Ailey and try to calm her down. I missed most of the meeting cause Ailey wasn’t in the best of moods. Shaylyn stayed with my older sister and took a nice little nap. At one point while I was in the foyer with my mom and little sister, the babies decided to have a conversation. Well, actually, Makayla decided to have a conversation and Ailey just listened. Occasionally Ailey would smile, but for the most part she just looked at Makayla with a look that said, “Shut up, already.”

After the conference we headed to a pay by the ounce frozen yogurt place. It was so crowded! It made me crazy. I really don’t like crowds. We enjoyed our frozen yogurt (I think Shaylyn had like 4 different flavors mixed together) and afterwards headed back to the hotel to unwind. It was fun to spend that time with my little sister and Shaylyn. (The other women were in another room).

We woke up around 6:00 the next morning so that we could get to Kaeloni’s husbands aunts meeting at 9:00. That was crazy to do, but we made it. It was a nice meeting and it was good to be able to attend Sacrament meeting before heading home.

After the meeting we headed back to the hotel to pack up. We were on the road home by about 10:30. We decided to stop by Kolob canyon on the way back home. It was pretty up there and again the babies decided it was time to eat.

When the babies were done we all got back in the car and when I tried to shut the door, it wouldn’t shut! My mom and I tried to figure it out, but to no avail. Here comes my big sister to the rescue ONCE AGAIN! She gets the door shut with ease.

We then head home with nothing more major to note. Except that when we stopped to feed the babies in Fillmore, Shaylyn found a boyfriend on the playground they had there. Hahaha. He picked a wildflower for his mom and Shaylyn was just giving him this look like, “You didn’t get it for me?!?!?!”

We had Eric meet up with us so that my little sister could head to an Eagle Scout award ceremony for her hubby’s cousin.

It was a good weekend and I’m mad I didn’t take any pics, even though I had my camera. (The pics in this post by big sister took and she has a couple others that I don’t have yet.) I am glad I had the chance to go and I’m glad I got that little extra time with my girls. I’m especially thankful I have a husband who was so great to let me go and who tried to convince me to go alone. I love you!

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