In Case You Were Wondering Wednesday

Week Three of In Case You Were Wondering Wednesday:


1. Do you hang up your jeans or fold them? I fold them and stuff them in a dresser

2. Are the walls white in your house? Most of them are more of a cream color, but I guess you can call them white…

3. Would you ever be on a dating game? Uh, no thanks

4. What color flowers did you have in your wedding? Blue, purple & white

5. Does your phone ring or vibrate? Ring

6. Are you a neat freak? Ha, hardly… though I dream of being one some day…it’ll never happen, though.

7. What color is your car interior? Grey

8. What was the first movie you ever remember watching? Bambie

9. Do you wear lip gloss or lip stick? Neither

10. What is your favorite board game? Hahaha, I don’t have one. I prefer social games!

11. Would you consider yourself rich? Hardly

12. How many hours of TV do you watch a day? Only an hour or two…Seriously!

13. Are you more realistic or idealistic? I vary between the two on any given day

14. Which is more important; looks or personality? Personality

15. At what age did you learn to ride a bike? I honestly don’t remember…What a bummer…

16. What exercise machine do you use first at a gym? Hahaha! I don’t go to gyms…but when I did I tended to use the air bike first…

17. Do you do your own laundry? Yup, if I didn’t do it, it would NEVER be done!

18. What is your favorite childhood memory? My grandpa joking with me one Christmas that the bike I got was actually for him. A nice, little, pink, girly bike. 😀

19. Do you watch reality shows? ::blushes:: Yes, a few

20. Do you have more long sleeve or short sleeve shirts? Short sleeve

21. What was the highlight of your day today? Both ‘babies’ took a nap at the same time!

22. Do you take any medications? Only birth control pills

23. Do you have a basement in your house? Yup

24. Are you friendly with your neighbors? I try to be

25. What is your favorite thing to do online? Read blogs

26. Who can you trust your life with? My hubby, family and a few friends…

27. Do you judge a book by its cover? Occasionally, even though I know better

28. Do you have a favorite video game? Eh, not really

29. Where do you get music from? ITunes or Microsoft Marketplace or whatever it’s called…

30. Have you ever sang karaoke? Only once and I was sure no one I knew was around

31. Would you ever adapt a child? I would, but Eric has reservations about that, so it won’t happen.

32. Do you watch sports? Nope, not really

33. Is your hair your natural color? No, but it’s close

34. Do you have to watch what you eat? No, but I probably should.

35. What do you look forward to? The holiday season and the arrival of my nephew

36. Can money really make life better? In some ways

37. Are you an instigator? Uh, no…that is SO NOT ME

38. Have you ever spread rumors? Yes, I’d like to meet someone who hasn’t…

39. Are you a people person? Once I get to know people

40. Do you know any songs by Elvis? A few

41. Would you ever tattoo someone’s name on your body? No

42. Would you ever get your tongue pierced? Nope

43. Do you enjoy buying things for yourself or others more? Usually, others

44. Have you ever disappointed your parents? Uh, yeah

45. How many houses have you lived in? 8

46. Do you know how to pump gas? Yes

47. Have you ever dressed up for Halloween? Yup

48. Do you like to put puzzles together? No

49. Are you a night owl or a morning bird? I’m more of a night owl

50. Do you take vitamins? No

51. Have you ever shot a bow & arrow? Yes

52. Where do you rent movies from? Redbox or Netflix

53. Have you ever gone to a shrink? Nope

54. Do you have to get your clothes altered? No

55. Do you prefer carpeted or hardwood floors? Carpeted

56. Is your family close? Yes

57. Have you ever prepared a meal for an entire family? Yup

58. Do you have a walk-in closet? Yes

59. Have you ever bought anything off of E-Bay? Yes

60. Who is your internet provider? Direct Communications

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