Sailing, Sailing…

We spent last night watching ships sail from one port to another…it was quite exciting actually. And that’s saying something for someone not into boats.

Tanis was captain of a ship and it was fun to watch him command it so flawlessly. And if any of you think I am talking in literal terms…you don’t know me very well.

Last night was the Scout’s Raingutter Regatta. And this year, since I am not “in” Scouts anymore I actually got to watch it. (Last year I was stuck in the kitchen preparing the refreshment). Last year was also very windy and the event just wasn’t great.

This year, however, lots of us from last year learned some lessons so that this year our boats did better. Tanis won ALL but ONE of his races which put him in 2nd place. He was so happy and was grinning from ear to ear. (Daddy was pretty proud too)

It’s amazing what can happen when Daddy actually helps with a project like this instead of Mommy doing it. i.e. last year’s boat. However, I did glue the sail on the mast and THAT is what really helped Tanis win. šŸ˜‰

Anyway here are some pics from the event and I will have a video posted on Tanis’ webpage when I do the update next month!

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