One, Two, Three, FOUR

Yesterday, Ailey turned 4 months old!

I am a mean mom and took her to the dr. on her ‘birthday’ and of course she had to get shots. 😦

I made her next appt. for a few days after her ‘birthday’ which then ends up being on my birthday. Guess we celebrate early, since I doubt we’ll get to go out that night. Anyway, totally getting off the subject…

At 4 months Ailey:

  • Is 25 1/2 inches tall (90th %)
  • Weighs 15 lbs. 8 oz. (90th %)
  • Has a head circumfrence of 42.2 cm. (75th %)
  • Can roll from her back to her tummy (easily)
  • Can roll from her tummy to back (with many tears and cries of frustration)
  • Loves to smile
  • Can laugh out loud (though she’s only done it a few times)
  • Recognizes family members
  • Wants to be the center of at least someone’s attention
  • Likes to ‘talk’ with others
  • Sleeps through the night (Hallelujah!!!)
  • Is a pretty easy going girl

So, yes…my kids may be born small, but they get big FAST!!! Consider the fact that Daddy was almost 10 pounds when he was born and that may give you some answer as to why.

We get to start Ailey on rice cereal and within a month of her doing well with that we can start her on baby food! Yay!!! Hopefully it’ll cut down on the formula she downs. 😉

Sadly, Ailey is also showing signs of eczema. Not nearly to the extent of Nathaniel’s and not nearly in as many places. (And I am now realizing I never ‘blogged’ about Nate having eczema, but he does and it’s HORRIBLE and it’s ALL OVER the poor kids body***) Her’s is just on her arms and the dr. thinks she should heal up with lotion. Other than that, she was looking and growing good.
So she doesn’t have to see the dr. again for 2 months.

…These pics were taken a few days before her actual ‘birthday’. She is still quite fussy and not feeling up to par today, so I’m not even going to attempt to get pics of her. Plus, these ones are cute and she’s modeling a headband that I won in a giveaway from my friend Jenn who has an awesome hairblog!…

***Side Note: The dr. gave me a sample of something new to try for Nate and if it works and we like it, he also gave me a rx for it. So we’ll see.

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