Labor Day Festivities

Let me start off by saying:
It’s time for another good idea/bad idea.
Good Idea: Going to the zoo.
BAD Idea: Going to the zoo on a holiday like Labor Day

So yes, on Labor Day we had the brilliant idea to go to the zoo. Now, I figured it would be crowded, but I didn’t know just HOW crowded it would be. By the time we got there around 10:30, the parking lot was already FULL and people had started parking on the streets and what not. It was crazy!!!

We still had fun and the kids enjoyed themselves. The changing exhibit was entitled “Nature’s Nightmares” and the kids really liked that. We were able to see 2 vultures (luckily THEY were closed in) and also some fruit bats (They WEREN’T closed in) but because it was day time they were all sleeping in one big lump. It was still kind of interesting to see. We also saw a skunk – ALIVE. I see dead skunks all the time, but it was a first to see one still alive and not roadkill.

We were sad to see that the Savannah animals weren’t there as they are redoing that area, but when it’s finished they should have lots more interesting animals to see.

Lex & Nate were also on the carousel, but they chose middle animals, so Eric couldn’t get a good pic of either of them. (I was with Nate)

Yup, she pretty much slept the WHOLE time!

She was a bit upset that I woke her up to eat…

The kids had fun playing on the playground and then we headed to my Mom & Dad’s.

We were going to have a picnic at a park. We had had lunch around 12:00, so when we first got to my parents we weren’t really hungry. But by the time we actually got ready to go to the park, I got a bit hungry so I went with my mom to Harmon’s and grabbed some lunchables for my family.

We went to the park and just had fun visiting while my little bro played with the kids. Thanks Logan. It was just my family and my parents so it was nice to have that one on one time that we don’t get often since I come from a large family. (No, that’s not a complaint) It’s just once in awhile it’s nice to have a conversation without 5 more going on in the same room. 😀

Happy Lil’ Thief

After the park we went back to my parents for just a bit so we could visit a bit more. (We wouldn’t have left the park, but little bro had to get to work.)

We left my parents around 7:30 so that we could get home at a decent hour since the kids had school the next day and Eric had to go to work.

Even though it was a crowded, crazy day – we had lots of fun as a family!

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One Comment on “Labor Day Festivities

  1. I love holiday weekends like this! When you get to do something fun as your immediate family and then meet up with extended family and hang out for a while. Nothing big, nothing planned too much to cause craziness. Perfect.

    P.S. Sorry for my long comments … seems I am long winded or something.


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