The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

Last Thursday, the 19th was quite a day for us!

I had to go to Roberts and Kohls, which are both in American Fork – a good 20 to 30 minute drive. And of course, because I had to go somewhere – it rained cats & dogs!

I decided to take the chance and pray the rain would stop as we were driving. (It did! Yay!!!) So, I pack all 5 kids in the car and we head out.

No one had had lunch yet, so we stopped at Arctic Circle and had lunch in the car. Judge me if you will, but there is no way I was gonna take 5 kids into a restaurant WITH a playground by myself!

After lunch we headed to Roberts to get supplies for my nephews bday gift (more on that later). The kids did awesome and even got balloons, though Tanis opted not to get one. We then head to Kohl’s to get a shirts for Tanis and Nate for family pics. (Hopefully I will have them to share with you tomorrow) Nate insisted on taking his balloon with him, so we tied it to his stroller. In the time that we had gotten Nate settled and I got Ailey in her stroller, Tanis & Lex had managed to do something that made Nate’s balloon fly away. Luckily he didn’t notice.

We get through Kohls with everyone but Nate behaving. Because the stroller we have for him no longer has the straps attached (don’t ask me how that happened) he was able to roam free. And that he did.

Now because the kids were great and I had bribed them that if they were I would get them smoothies from Roxberry, we headed to Roxberry. We were then headed home and I realized I forgot paintbrushes at Roberts and they were fairly necessary for my project and we also needed milk so we had to stop at Walmart for those items.

We get the items I needed and go to pay and I realize I never got my debit card back from the guy at the drivethru at Roxberry. Luckily I had another form of payment, so I pay for our stuff and then we get to drive back to American Fork to get my debit card.

I get my debit card and we finally get back home. We have a few hours of quiet and time for some relaxation. Now, Eric had told me that his previous coworker who is being sued by his previous company was coming to get his original signed statement for his side of the story to help her out. (Okay, this is a much bigger situation and so much more complicated than I am going to go into – suffice it to say, this coworker was part owner of the company and now the other owners are trying to take everything from her, though she’s done nothing wrong. These other men are just ‘evil’.)

So, I get the statement put somewhere so I can just grab it when she gets to our place. The kids are playing around and going crazy. I told them they were playing too wild and someone was going to get hurt. And of course, they think they know better than I and just kept goofing off. 2 minutes later I hear Shaylyn cry and think, “I told you so.”

Then she says: “I’m bleeding.”

I look over and sure enough she’s got blood seeping from her forehead! We were downstairs so I told Shaylyn to run up to my bathroom so we could get it cleaned off. I pick Ailey up and we run up the stairs. I set Ailey down on the bed and she starts screaming. Well, I can’t take care of her at the moment, cause Shaylyn is more in need at this point.

I clean up Shaylyn’s wound (Nathaniel had thrown a toy at her and it hit her just right) and try to see how bad the cut is, then Lex comes in saying, “The lady’s here…” So I tell Shaylyn to keep the rag on the wound while I get the paper for this lady. I visit with the lady for only a minute and get back to Shaylyn. And Ailey is still screaming!

I had to text Eric with pics of Shaylyn’s head to see what he thought about the wound. Did it need stitches or not. He said no, so I stuck a bandaid on it and called it good. By the end of the night blood had seeped out a bit, but it was still looking like it was healing – so we called it good.

After getting Shaylyn squared away, I gave Ailey the attention she needed. She then threw up and just kept throwing up until she fell asleep for the night.

It was a crazy, crazy day. But, I guess in this life – you have to have a few of those days, right?

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