3 Weeks Later – We Partied

So, Tanis’ birthday is on July 22nd – which usually means that the weekend before his bday or the weekend after his bday we will have a family party. Well, this year his birthday really snuck up on me, so his party happened 2 1/2 weeks AFTER the boy had a birthday…

However, in my defense – my niece was blessed the week I WOULD HAVE done his party, so I’m not a totally crappy mom.

When we asked Tanis where he wanted his party to be at he requested my parents house. (Remember I have our parties ‘down in the valley’ so that people don’t have to drive to TIMBUKTU to celebrate with us.) So Sunday, August 8 found us heading down to my parents house to have a party for this kid.

I was really kind of worn out from a lack of sleep the following nights, so I’m sure I wasn’t much of a fun host. I also cheated with Tanis’ party and we just bought all the goodies instead of me making any. Therefore, his party turned into a mod podge kind of party with various tv/movies he liked.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the day:

…He must’ve really enjoyed our singing…right? HAHAHA!…

…Enjoying (???) his bday goodies…

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