Family History

So last night for FHE we did a little family history.

I got the idea to do a FHE based on Family History from Eric’s mom a few weeks ago. We had gone to listen to her speak (ironically on Family History) in Sacrament meeting and so we stayed for classes. Their ward is doing a huge push in regards to Family History, so Lex was sent home with a short worksheet that asked simple questions like your Grandparents names, parents names, etc.

So we quizzed him and realized there was a bit he really didn’t know. Eric’s mom then said, “You could do a FHE on Family History.” So the wheels started to turn.

I eventually came up with the idea we did yesterday. I decided we would do a ‘family tree’ up to the kids great-grandparents. I started out with just patterned paper on the wall to show where the pictures needed to go, like so:

Shaylyn liked to point out that the empty space in the middle looked like a temple. Totally unplanned, but it was kind of interesting considering what we were talking about.

We then started our activity. First each of the kids took turns choosing someone’s picture and then they had to place it in the correct place in the tree. Fairly easy.

Next, they each took turns drawing the names. This was also fairly easy though some of the women’s names were difficult for them as I used maiden names.

Next came the birthdays, then the birthplaces and lastly we did the date of death for the ones that have passed on.

This was the complete ‘family tree.’

All in all I think it was a good FHE and it kept the kids mostly engaged. If they really learned anything, I dunno – but I sure hope so. I do know that Eric and I learned some new info and I had lots of fun putting it together.

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