Family Feature Friday

Friday!!!!! Time for:

Here are the ‘proof’ shots.


NAME: Adrianne


BIRTHDAY: September 23

RELATION: Shilo’s Sister-in-Law

OCCUPATION: Elementary School Teacher

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ADRI: Such a sweet, sweet person. I am so lucky to get to call her sister.

Adri is a twin and she actually grew up down the street from Eric, which means they were in the same ward. They also both ended up working at ZCMI in High school. Small world, eh?

Adri is a great person all around. It’s not easy to come from a small family and try to blend in with such a large family, but she’s done a terrific job. She jokes that when she first met our extended family she went home and wrote down everyone she could remember. That was probably about 70 or so people to remember.

Adri is a great aunt and we know we can count on her to help us out when we need her.

There was a time once, when we were in Lava where I was really struggling and feeling quite inadequate as a mother. This happened after my Dad got after 2 year old Lex for something my Dad didn’t understand.

So, Eric and I were outside talking about it and someone overheard us. (I don’t know who and it doesn’t even matter.) All that matters is that word got to my mom that I felt the way I did and that I thought she thought bad of me. So, my mom wanted to talk to Eric and I.

The kids followed us back in and were just being kids and wanting to play, but I was in such a state that I couldn’t handle this. Without a word to me and ever so quietly Adri gathered the kids and took them outside for me.

She does this quite often. It’s like Adri can read my mind and always knows just when and how to help me with the kids.

I am so thankful for her and I am so excited that after 6 years of trying she finally gets to be a mommy! And to top it off, she is naming her son what we almost named Nate. We must think alike!

Love you Adri!!!

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