I Thought A Decade Was Longer…

Last Thursday, July 22nd, Tanis turned 10! That means he has lived for a decade. A decade has always seemed like a huge chunk of time to me, but apparently it’s not. I can’t believe how quickly 10 years really does go by.

Eric actually took the day off (I think he got to choose a day since Pioneer Day was on a Saturday) and that made Tanis feel extra special.

We gave Tanis his gift:

Then we went to lunch. Tanis chose Olive Garden. He loves their salad dressing and I think that’s about it since he ordered pizza for his meal. 😉

After lunch we came home and let Tanis play his new game. While Tanis was playing his game I was hoping that the year of 2004 in pictures was still on the hard drive of the old computer since the disc they are on doesn’t read well on any comp. Well, the pictures aren’t on the old hard drive so I was feeling really bummed out.

My little sister then asked us to come to her place cause she needed help with something and then the little kids could swim for a bit. The kids were ecstatic. We had a good night at the pool at hanging out with my sister’s fam. Sorry there arent pics from swimming – I was watching Nate in the pool and my little sis was holding both babies.

It was a good day and I hope Tanis had a great birthday. I still can’t believe he’s 10!

And because we had a crazy weekend there was no Talking Tunes Thursday or Family Feature Friday – they will return this week!

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One thought on “I Thought A Decade Was Longer…

  1. Marisa says:

    Happy Birthday, Tanis! Doesn't it make you feel old? I know I feel really old now that Eliza is ten. But, it's so fun to have an older child with which to tease and stuff. My nephew wants the same game you gave Tanis … how is it?


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