Let Freedom Ring

We had a very relaxed 4th (5th) of July. Eric works for the government now, so he had the whole day off. We spent the morning doing the usual things, then around noon we broke out the new slip ‘n slide that Lex got for his birthday.

The kids had a blast! Except for Shaylyn who pouted for awhile because things didn’t go “her” way. As in, she didn’t get to have her turn when she thought she should.

Even the big kid joined in the fun.

After the slip ‘n slide we got everyone cleaned up and ready to go. We headed to Eric’s parents for dinner and then we were off to the Bees game! Holy crowd, Batman!!! The place was packed and it was fun to see all the red, white & blues that people were wearing.

Eric took these pics on his phone:

We had so much fun and I always love the fireworks along with the music that they do at the games. It swells my heart and I am so thankful to live in this country!

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