Ailey’s Blessing

We blessed Ailey on July 4. It was the Fast Sunday that worked out best for us as the Fast Sunday in June came so quickly after she was born and the Fast Sunday in August is probably going to be my nieces blessing day.

It was such a neat experience to have all of my grandparents there and most members of the family. Eric gave her such a sweet blessing and then the bishop “gave” me the opportunity to share my testimony. I was thankful to get to do that with my family there and with things that had been on my mind.

I am thankful to have a husband worthy to bless each of our babies. Nothing can compare to that. (Okay, maybe the baptisms – but not all the kids are baptized yet.)

A special thing about the dress: Each of my sisters and I wore it when we were blessed, as did Shaylyn. My niece Makayla will also be wearing it. I think it’s amazing that it has lasted all these years and all the girls have worn it.

Here are some pics from her day:

At one point in the day, Ailey spit up on her dress. As I was changing her, Eric’s mom thought she looked cute in just her bow & tights. So, much to Eric’s chagrin, she snapped a few shots.

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