Talking Tunes Thursday

Behind by a day, but here’s this weeks:

Read about Talking Tunes Thursday here.

Today’s Song: 1985 – Bowling For Soup

— The story of a grown, married woman with children wondering where her life went. What happened to all the plans she had for her life? Where has time gone? —

I really like the beat in this song, it’s probably what drew me to the song in the first place. I also like when songs make references to so many other ‘real’ things in life. Plus, who hasn’t wondered what happened to the plans we made for our lives when we were young.

So, not really a song I’d list as a ‘favorite’, but one that I like to listen to and one that gets me moving. It also makes me think of my High School years and the plans I had for me then.

On the table for next week: 23 Days – SHeDAISY

If anyone else would like to join me in doing Talking Tunes Thursday – I would love for you to join me. I will email you the little ‘siggy’ (or feel free to create your own) and I can link to your blog at the end of each ‘session’

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