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NAME: Kaeloni
NICKNAME: Kaeloony Toony Bins
RELATION: Shilo’s Little Sis
OCCUPATION: Full Time Mommy

A BIT ABOUT KAELONI: Kaeloni is one of my best friends. I was blessed to get a little sister. She is 10 years younger than me, but because our lives have had similar experiences, we have a lot to bond over. We also have similar food tastes/aversions. Our personalities differ quite a bit, however.

Kaeloni doesn’t care too much what other people think of her. The occasional wise crack at her expense can get her riled up, but it doesn’t happen often. She is also able to say whatever is on her mind without worrying if it is going to upset or offend the other party.

Kaeloni and I shared a room pretty much since the day she started sleeping in a bed. Kaeloni also had quite the imagination and was extremely sensitive to the bad things happening in the world.

She was constantly worried about the house catching on fire, or someone breaking in or anything along those lines. If it could happen, she was afraid it would happen.

Anyway, back to her imagination:

When she was little she had an imaginary friend named, Danny. Danny wore leather pants and no shirt (This was coming out of a 4 year olds mouth) and was always with her, except for his quick trips to Canjifornya. (Yes, that is how she said California) We had lots of fun asking her what Danny was up to and what he was/wasn’t wearing on any given day.

Kaeloni is great with kids and always has been. She has had jobs watching kids ever since she was old enough to do so. She just absolutely loves kids and enjoys being a mommy.

HERE’S A STORY: One day my grandparents were over. My grandpa was helping my parents with something in the back yard.

We were all hanging out in the backyard and at one point I left. When I came back, everyone was looking at me and asked me: “What have you been teaching your little sister?”

I had no idea what they were talking about, but they then shared this story:

My grandma wore clip-on earrings and apparently Kaeloni didn’t know it, so they had a conversation that went something like this:

K: Are your ears pierced?
G: No.
K: Then how can you wear earrings?
G: They are clip ons. They clip on and off.
K: Bulls***.

That may not have been the EXACT conversation but that last part WAS said by a 4 or 5 year old. Now being raised in an LDS home with very religious parents, no one spoke like that in our house and our grandparents certainly didn’t talk like that. However, Kaeloni heard it somewhere and repeated it to Grandma. When everyone then asked Kaeloni where she heard it, she must’ve blamed me. Okay, when I was little I had never said anything like that. Kaeloni was just blaming someone.

Fast forward to this past weekend: We had Ailey’s blessing (more on that later) and had family over afterwards. At some point during the day I snuck up behind Kaeloni and poked her sides to scare her. Well she screamed. She then told me that she almost cursed and who was standing in front of her at that point: Grandma.

It makes me laugh. Love ya lil’ sis!!!

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