Family Feature Friday

I am starting another weekly entry…I know, I know – but the reasons for me doing so are as follows:

1. I want to have a record of some of these stories and since my blog serves as my journal, this is where I am sharing them.

2. I also saw that NieNie had done a similar thing and thought it was a neat idea.

3. This was really the deciding factor for some reason: I read a friends’ blog about something that happened with her daughter and it reminded me of a story.

I now present:

In the following weeks the family member chosen will be random. I chose this person for this week as he had to do with aforementioned blog post that I read.


NAME: Devin
RELATION: Shilo’s Little Bro
OCCUPATION: Student/Mail Clerk

A BIT ABOUT DEVIN: Devin is digustingly talented. He plays the piano wonderfully and is pretty much self-taught. He is so intelligent and quite the scholar. He knows like 3 different languages and none of them were learned as a neccesity. He enjoys the same types of games as Eric, so we will usually have at least 1 person up for playing with us.

Devin is a great uncle and has a good relationship with each of the kids. He is especially close to Shaylyn and calls her by a name only he is allowed to call her because in her words, “I like the way he says it.”

HERE’S A STORY: So, Devin is about 3 years old and we are at my Grandpa’s farm. (Remember how I said that my Grandpa’s farm was on my uncle’s property…) We were at my Grandpa’s farm to help pick some vegetables. There were three of us ‘older’ kids that were asked to help keep an eye on Devin as my mom was busy helping her dad.

Well, we were kids and kept an eye on him as kids do. Then someone noticed that Devin was missing. Well, we all frantically searched for him around my uncle’s property. We then came across the gate to the built-in pool – and it was open! The gate should’ve been closed.

We walk into the pool area and see Devin floating face down in the water. My little 8 year old heart and body froze, while my older sister still had the head to jump in (shoes & everything) to save our little brother.

The good news is he was fine. I don’t remember how he ‘came-to’ but it didn’t involve any medical personnel at all, and as far as we can tell, there was no lasting effects from it.

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