Father’s Day Gifts

Okay, so since I just posted about the fathers in my life, I thought I’d also share what I gave to them.

It took Friday and Saturday to complete and the Saturday before to buy all the supplies, but it got done and I was mostly pleased with the results.

Eric’s ‘gift’ was an add on to his real gift which was a video game. I got the idea here.

Each side has a picture of Eric and one of his kids, plus the one with him and I.

Eric likes puzzles and has told me that every once in awhile at work he just needs something to ‘solve’ (he usually uses a Transformer toy) while he is working through a particularly confusing piece of code.

So, I thought it would be a good thing for him to take to work and it kills a few birds with one stone: he can display pictures of his family, he has something to ‘solve’, and it’s easily moved from place to place.

And yup. the kids may very well be getting a similar thing for Christmas!!!

For our dads, I did the same thing, but tweaked it a bit for each dad. I found the original idea here.

The craft store I went to didn’t have all the items that the lady whose example I followed used, so I had to improvise some. I also couldn’t find a recent pic of my dad with each of my kids, so I had to x that idea and just use the kids’ individual pic. It worked and each dad really seemed to enjoy it.

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