Talking Tunes Thursday

So, I am starting a weekly post again…This time it should be easier to do as I’m going to work alphabetically.

I am going to go through my music list and try to explain about why I like certain songs. what they mean to me or why in the heck I would even have such a song.

I am calling this:

Today’s Song: 1000 Miles – Blake Lewis

— Just one more of those breakup songs. Boy trying for another chance and hoping that girl will listen to all that he now wants to say. —

I fell in love with Blake’s voice when he appeared on American Idol. Through the first auditions and start of the season I wasn’t too impressed as him as he showcased his ‘beatboxing’ more than his voice. However, as soon as he started singing – I started swooning. This song showcases his voice so well, and I feel the emotion he is trying to convey in it.

So while this song doesn’t rate as one of my faves or even one that the lyrics got me hooked on, I still enjoy it.

On the table for next week: 19 Somethin’ – Mark Wills

If anyone else would like to join me in doing Talking Tunes Thursday – I would love for you to join me. I will email you the little ‘siggy’ (or feel free to create your own) and I can link to your blog at the end of each ‘session’.

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