6 Years!!!

Last Friday, Lex turned 6. I can’t believe he is 6, I really don’t know where all those years went.

His birthday wasn’t too extravagant as we do Family Birthday parties a few days later (although in this case it’s a few weeks…) and we started the day out at the dr’s. We also had Scouts that afternoon.

After the dr. we headed to the store. I needed to get a few things for Scouts and Lex was adamant about what he wanted for his birthday and he wanted to pick it out. Well, the store that we went to didn’t have the item(s) that Lex wanted and he was about to settle for somethine else, just so he could have it ‘now’.

Eric felt bad that he was ‘settling’ for something else and so he pulled out his phone and pulled up the picture of the item(s) Lex really wanted so that Lex had a side by side comparison. Eric also made sure that Lex knew that as soon as he dropped me off at home (had to get the house ready for Scouts) he would take Lex back to a different store that would hopefully have what Lex was after.

It took a few minutes to finally convince Lex of this plan, but he eventually agreed and after dropping Tanis, Ailey and I off at home, Eric took everyone else to the store.

Lex came home with this:

And this:

Then this is what occured while waiting for Scouts to show up:

Well there was only 1 Scout that came and he came a bit late, but we did our activity (made pudding snack things – a requirement was to make dessert for the Scouts family, so we did) and then sent the Scout home.

When the Scout went home more building ensued and then the final product(s) were this:

And for those of you who are totally confused about what the heck these items are from – it’s a video game called Halo that the kids love to play. It’s one of those ‘Eric’ games that I’ve never played before, so I don’t really know anything about it either!

Lex’s birthday party will be on July 4th after Ailey’s blessing, so I will post about that then.

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