The Waiting Game…

So officially we have 24/25 days until Little Girl is supposed to make her appearance…My original due date was May 30th, but when the Doctor did the 20 week ultrasound he said I was measuring about a day earlier but he wasn’t going to officially change the due date as it was a matter of about 12 hours.

So now we play the waiting game. This game makes me absolutely CRAZY. Had all my children decided to do things the same way, the waiting game wouldn’t be quite as draining.

But no, my kids all had to do things their own way.

To illustrate my point:

TANIS: Born 4 weeks early – My water broke
SHAYLYN: Born 3 weeks early – Went into Hospital most likely with Braxton Hicks (too inexperienced to know the difference), but Dr. was nice and broke my water for me.
LEX: Born 2 weeks early –Woke up to a wet bed, knowing my water had broken
NATE: Born 1 week early – Induced

So if this baby follows suit, she’ll be right on time. I hope she isn’t right on time…I’m already in pain!

When I went to my Dr. 2 weeks ago I was dilated to a 2. And since Sunday I’ve been having contractions DAILY. Sunday night I thought it was going to happen for real, but things eventually got better. But every day since Sunday I will have periods of major contractions. It’s annoying…

Why do I share this with you? Well because anyone who is open to it can take guesses at when this baby will come….It just may take my mind off things!

So what are your guesses?

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5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game…

  1. Kaeloni says:

    I have no guesses! I just want her here! She's probably laughing at us right now. You for being in pain and what not and me for being anxious. She's probably convincing my little girl to stay as long as she possibly can..which will drive me near crazy!


  2. Rheanna says:

    I think she should come on the 15th of May…why…I don't know…it just sounds like a good day ;o) Hope you can make it through this last little bit–can't wait–lovin' all the new babies around here!


  3. Jobi Niu says:

    I can't believe she's coming SO SOON!! Awesome. YOu're TINY. NOT FAIR. My guess is that she'll come 2 weeks early with your water broken?? SO EXCITING! I HATE the waiting game too.


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