Happy Birthday Part Deux

April 19th, 2010…1:30 ish in the morning…someone, somewhere is turing 2!

Nathaniel turned 2 on April 19th and we didn’t really celebrate it up big or anything, but we did give him his gifts when Daddy got home from work. Then we celebrated it big with family about a week later.

Nathaniel was pleased with his gifts on his birthday, but at his birthday party he was less than thrilled. It’s called, we planned a party for him – tried to make him have a nap earlier, which he refused to do, so he fell asleep on the way to Grandma & Grandpa’s house and slept through the start of the party.

When he woke up, he couldn’t believe all the people that were surrounding him, just watching him. He also didn’t want to open any presents, didn’t want to blow out the candles on his cake – he pretty much didn’t want to do anything!

Oh well. He eventually ‘woke up’ and had fun, but for the majority of his party, he was NO FUN!

Happy Birthday, anyway little one!

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