Gotta Crawl To The Ugly Bug Ball

One of the joys of having a Kindergartner at the school our kids go to is seeing the “Bug Program” they do each year.

Basically each class sings one song and then there are about 4 songs the whole Kindergarten sings together. Luckily they brake it up into morning and afternoon Kindergartens or the place would be a massive group of people. As it was, it was still insane.

I made the mistake of not telling Eric he HAD to come. It was on a Thursday, which are Eric’s “guys nights” and I know how much it is needed for Eric’s sanity, so I felt guilty making him miss it for a 15 minute program.

BIG MISTAKE…It will not happen again. It was way too stressful to take all 4 kids on my own. Then Nate was in a mood making it difficult to video/photograph what I could, plus because I was on my own I couldn’t get up to get better pics of anything…

So now, I have to be the mean wife that demands her husband go to every little thing the school does that he can attend. 😦

Oh well…

Our little spider was still cute and way excited about his program!


~ Lex is the kid in the upper right hand side, if you can make him out… ~

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