Funny Thing About Peer Pressure…

See this:
This is my cute “baby” brother. He is at the ripe old age of 14 and will turn 15 this Summer.

So a few months ago, I see this post on Facebook that he was going to try out for the part of “Jafar” in their school’s play of Aladdin. I about died. I never knew this kid was into acting. Sure, it was something that my older brother, one of my younger brothers and I enjoyed. But, I thought that’s where it would end.

Well, a few months go by and I find out that baby brother got the part of one of Jasmine’s suitors. I knew that I had to go see the play. I figured the older kids would enjoy it, but was kind of frustrated that I had to take the little boys, not knowing how they would react. But I also knew that if I just stayed home I would regret it.

So, Thursday after school the kids and I headed to my parents house. I wanted to have some time to relax before needing to head over to the play. (Didn’t want to make the kids sit longer than necessary…) After being at my parents for about a half hour, my little sister and I decided it was time to go get dinner for us and the kids.

We brought dinner back to my parents and had to eat somewhat quickly, so that we could get to the school and get a decent seat. HA! Hardly anyone showed up. I’m not sure if it’s cause it was on a Thursday, or what, but it really wasn’t that crowded at all.

So, we all sat anxiously awaiting the show to start.

The play the school did was actually a shorter version of the Disney movie, Aladdin. They had to change the dialog up a bit to make it all fit and they took parts out of it, but it was still as enjoyable as a Jr. High production can be. It’s interesting as well to see Jr. High productions because you can see where the talent is and where the talent isn’t.

Anyway, so little brother comes out to do his part, which interestingly enough isn’t even a speaking part. All he had to do was show off his muscles and act really macho. When it came time for him to join in the chorus in some scenes, he hardly even sang. I thought that that was pretty funny. I then found out that the only reason my little brother tried out for the play was because his friends all convinced him to do it and then they quit. But because little bro got some sort of “part” and because we were raised to see things through, he couldn’t quit.

All in all it was a fun night spent with the family and as I thought the older kids enjoyed the show quit a bit. Lex got a little antsy as he couldn’t see real well and my older sister took care of Nate, so I’m not positive as to how well he was acting.

I was upset that I didn’t get a good shot of my brother in his costume. He is the dude in the middle of all 3 princes. Apparently the kids couldn’t go see family until they changed out of their costumes…Thankfully, little brother allowed me to take a few pics of him, even without his costume. But after only a few shots, he was done and immediatley took the makeup off.

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