A Wee Bit O’ An Update…

“If it seems like I’ve been lost in ‘let’s remember’, you think I’m feeling older and missing my younger days, then you should’ve known me much better cause my past is something that never got in my way…”

So, I figure it’s been a while since I posted anything of relevance or anything – so figured I’d do so today. It’s not that anything too exciting has happened lately, just the opposite actually, thus the reason for no real posts. Life is just the same as always, with a few exceptions.

Firstly, Eric got a new job (thankfully) and started a week ago. He now works four 10 hour shifts from Monday – Thursday and then he has Friday’s off. This has taken some getting used to as he leaves around 6 in the morning and doesn’t get home until after 7 at night. Some days are harder than others and I’m sure when summer comes I’m really going to hate the long days. I am loving his Fridays off, however. Though technically he’s only had one so far.

This past Tuesday I got to take the Gestational Diabetes test. (Oh, good news – with the new job Eric got, my doc still accepts the insurance) Because Eric had just started a new job the previous day, he wasn’t able to come with me this time. So, I enlisted the aid of my little sister. (I needed someone to keep an eye on Nate). I also had to drink the drink during the drive since you have to finish it a half hour before your appt. and the dr. office is at least 40 minutes away. This time around I chose the Fruit Punch flavored drink. And yes, I am one of those crazy people who doesn’t mind the taste of these drinks too much. Although, it did make me a bit spacy afterwards…Lil’ Sis’ will attest to that one. The blood draw wasn’t that bad either. I prepared myself for pain when the nurse stuck the needle in and when she changed vials, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had very little pain. And I haven’t heard any bad news, so hopefully that’s good. I was also surprised when I went to make my next appt. that they told me it was for 2 weeks…Seems too early for that.

On Friday, Eric and I met up for lunch with one of his buddies. (Okay, truth be told – I tagged along, but only cause we had plans afterwards) The boys decided on a Chinese food place that they both love and frequented while they worked together. I am a very picky eater and Chinese food has never been big on my list. True, I’ve only tried it a couple of times, but I never cared for anything I had. I decided I would be a big girl on this day and tried something new: Orange Chicken. It was something I actually liked okay. I couldn’t eat a whole lot of it as it did have a funny taste at times, but it was still a good lunch and I was proud of myself for eating something new.

After lunch, we headed over to IKEA to buy a new bed for Nate. With Baby Girl coming in just a couple weeks, he needed to get used to a bed and I wanted to crib in place in Shaylyn’s room. It was just one of those things I wanted DONE! We had looked at IKEA a few days before and knew what we were going to get, so it was just a matter of getting the numbers and getting it home. This is the bed we bought:

And yes, it’s just taken off the IKEA website. I am too lazy to take a pic of Nate’s actual bed and post it. It’s just how I feel lately. Aren’t the sheep so cute? I wanted to get the blue bed, but Eric (being the logical being he is) made us get the white one so that Baby Girl could use it in the future as well…DANG IT!

Saturday was spent cleaning Shaylyn’s room and making room for the crib. What a job that was. I apparently did way too much though as I was in pain for the rest of the night. One of these days I’ll learn exactly what is too much…Strange thing is, I didn’t do any heavy lifting or moving – just cleaned.

Eric had the job of taking the crib apart and reassembling it in Shaylyn’s room, then he got to turn around and put Nate’s bed together. He did it quite quickly and without much complaint. I was really surprised at just how quickly he got both jobs done.

And that is pretty much it from our side of the world. Right now we are just watching these strange dots that have popped up on Nate’s face…Our first thought was Chicken Pox, but he hasn’t really seemed to get any more and they are mainly just on his face. Kinda resembles pimples, but is it possible for a kid to get so many and then another one on an ear and one on the back??? I dunno…

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