♥ Sharing The Love ♥

Valentine’s Weekend was a nice one this year. While it wasn’t anything big and extravagant, it was nice and fun.

Friday I got called to Jury Duty (for more info on how that turned out read this) and while I was gone Eric did some laundry. This is HUGE for him. The most he’s ever done in regards to laundry is took things out of the dryer and put them in the laundry basket. Not on this day. On this day he actually put things in the washing machine, moved them to the dryer AND folded things. Even when I returned home, he kept up with the laundry and even let me take a nap as I felt like crap. Let me tell you, he earned MAJOR points that day.

On Saturday, the kids did our traditional Valentine’s Day cookies. Although I was a bit bummed as I couldn’t find any Valentines candies to put on the cookies when I went grocery shopping (which was a WEEK before Valentine’s day) and so all we had was the icing.

The kids weren’t too upset though and they still had fun decorating the cookies. We even had Uncle Logan here and he decorated some too. (Only cause the kids plead with him to do so.)

The Group Working

Uncle Logan is a bit camera shy…that or he just didn’t want people to know he actually :gasp: decorated cookies!

Nate decided it was more fun to just eat the cookies than decorate them. And yes, he had a cold in both eyes, so he looks a little sad.

The Kids’ Masterpieces

Later Saturday night Eric and I headed over to the church for the adult dinner/dance. Usually Eric isn’t really up for things like this and goes begrudgingly, but for whatever reason on Saturday night he went mostly willingly.
During dinner they had some questions that they had a few people go up and answer so that everyone could get to know each other a bit better. The question I went up for was about how the hubby proposed. I am glad I got that question because I have an awesome proposal story.

Eric and I took a trip to Seattle, Washington to visit his brother. While there we went to visit the Space Needle. I didn’t think anything of it – you’re in Seattle, you visit the Space Needle.

Well his brother and sister in law spin some tale of why they needed to stay inside the Space Needle for a bit, but we should go out on the balcony thing and look at the view.

While we were looking at the view his brother and sister in law came back out and handed Eric this stuffed animal thing. On the stuffed animal was a rose thing. Eric handed it to me and I just said, “Thanks.” I didn’t realize that the rose was a ring case.

Eric had to open the ring case since I was a dummy and then he proposed! I was surprised, but of course said yes.

So in answering the question I said, “We took a trip to Seattle to visit his brother and when we got to the top of the Space Needle he surprised me and asked me to marry him.”

Eric got mad that I didn’t mention that it was at sunset overlooking the ocean and the petty details like that. Sorry!

So then Eric goes up a bit later to answer a question and gets stuck with “Show us your dance moves that got your wife” or something like that. All the other men up there ran back to their seats (including the bishop) and Eric was just dazed. When it finally hit him what he was asked to do he did some silly little thing. I was surprised that he was such a good sport and took it so well. And after Eric did his thing the other guys came back up and did some move of their own.

After the dinner was over they had a dance thing. This was akin to the Stake dances you’d go to as a youth, only on a much smaller scale and you didn’t have to keep “Book of Mormon Distance”.

We hadn’t been to a dance since High School, so it was a good 11/12 years since we’d danced like that. But, I must say it was nice. It was good to have that “alone” time and to just be. We did dance around and go crazy to more upbeat songs when I felt up to it. Mostly, it was just a good night together.

On Sunday (Valentine’s Day) I totally woke up not expecting anything. When I woke up I saw a frame on Eric’s pillow, but kind of blew it off. I just thought it was an empty frame that one of the kids had gotten a hold of and Eric was too lazy to put it away.

So I walk into the kitchen and Eric asks if I saw the picture. I told him I just thought it was an empty frame. He gave me his “sad face” and so I go and actually look at the frame and see this:

This was such a great gift for me because I love that phrase, I love Winnie the Pooh and to have my hubby present me with a saying like that means more than he will ever know!

I am a bad wife though and didn’t get him anything. It’s like a recurring theme with me…I shall repent and make it up to him come Father’s Day!

All in all I had a great weekend and my hubby was great!

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3 thoughts on “♥ Sharing The Love ♥

  1. Marisa says:

    Love the adult dinner/dance idea! We had a family dance and it was a blast, but it would have been nice to just be there the two of us. And, what a sweet thought from Eric in the form of the picture.


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