A Very Happy Belated Birthday….

Shaylyn celebrated her 8th birthday on January 30th. I still can’t believe that that little girl is already 8.

For her birthday we didn’t do much…She opened her gifts and we took her to lunch and pretty much let her go crazy the rest of the day.

She was baptized one week later on February 6th. And we had her official party after the baptism.

Shaylyn was able to be baptized with one of her very best friends, Gavin. We were even able to put together a short slide show of each of the kids and then we had a couple pictures of them together. It turned out very nice.

We have such supportive family members that made the trip out here to the middle of nowhere, to support Shaylyn at 9:30 in the morning. Thank you to everyone who came!

And yes, I feel bad that I am not going into more detail for my little girl… I am just so exhausted lately that I can’t even think straight! And I’m not such a horrible mom – I did post a bit about her actual birthday here.

Here are a few “faves” from the day:

Eric’s Parents & My Parents have decided that for each kids’ 8th birthday they will go in together to get a set of personalized scriptures. They did it for Tanis too.

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