Hold Your Babies Close…

While perusing KSL’s site this afternoon I ran across the story about the little boy who drowned in the tub.

In the article there was a link to the mom’s blog and I of course had to go and read things from her point of view. When I got to the post about when the accident happened, I was bawling…So if you read it, make sure you have tissues ready…

The blog can be found here. You will have to scroll down to the post made on February 1.

This story hit me really hard. Probably because I have a little one just a bit older than this kid, but also because I am guilty of leaving kids in the tub and just checking on them every few minutes.

I can only imagine how this mother is feeling…Sounds like the little guy is doing great now, but I’m sure the mom is still struggling with guilt.

So if only for tonight – “Hold Your Babies Close.”

Now onto happier things…sorta…

I should be posting about Shaylyn’s baptism/birthday party, but I didn’t take any pictures at the baptism. Eric’s mom took those pics and I haven’t gotten them yet. We are headed to his parents on Sunday, so I will get the pictures then and post about the baptism on Monday. But in the meantime here is a pic of her blowing out her birthday candles….

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