Yup, that picture pretty much summarizes how I feel lately.
Life is making me feel very anxious lately and here’s a few reasons why:

  • ERIC’S JOB – Due to some crazy happenings that happened at Eric’s current job on Monday, he is now looking for a new job. Thankfully, he still has his job – but with what happened it is time for him to leave. While he needs to get out now, it is obviously a scary time for it all to go down.
  • INSURANCE ISSUES – With Eric looking for a new job the stress of insurance comes up as well. I am worried as heck that whatever new job he gets my doctor won’t accept that insurance and that is a HUGE deal to me. I am very happy with my current doctor and I really, really don’t want to switch doctors this far into pregnancy.
  • MEDICAL BILLS – While I adore my doctor, I am annoyed at the way the office runs, sorta. We used to have 3 months after the baby was born to pay off the doctor – which would be great for us. However, since Nate was born they’ve changed things and now we owe the doctor’s office x amount of dollars every month up until the baby is born so that when the baby is born the doctor will be paid off. We had planned to pay all hospital and doctor bills for this baby with our Tax Return, but now we’ve got to come up with said x amount of dollars every month. x amount of dollars that we really don’t have.
  • FAMILY ISSUES – Issues I didn’t even know existed, which stresses me out even more.
  • POST OFFICE – I ordered stamps to send off Shaylyn’s baptism invites 1 WEEK AGO and I still have yet to see said stamps. Shaylyn’s baptism is in a week from Saturday! I usually get stamps within 2 days of ordering them, so I am wondering where the heck they are. And if they got delivered to the wrong address, we are out $20 bucks! And that makes me MAD. If the stamps aren’t delivered tomorrow, I’m gonna have to have Eric go buy some at an actual post office and we will be out even more money!

So, yes….I’m feeling really anxious and stressed out right now. I know that all of these issues are fairly minor and in time it’ll all work itself out, but for now, at times, it seems quite a bit overwhelming!

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4 thoughts on “ANXIETY

  1. Rheanna says:

    I'm so sorry you are so stressed out! I'm convinced that there's something about being pregnant that makes everything else in life seem to fall apart! It'll all work out, just try to stay sane in the process (that's the hardest part for me)!


  2. Marisa says:

    Anxiety is not a good friend to have over — anytime! Sorry you have so much stress and worry. I can completely empathize as we went through the same job stuff last year before Maryanne was born. It is not the greatest feeling wondering what will happen because it's hard to know what to do! Wait it out and endure through this, you'll be better off in the long run after learning so much during the season of trials.


  3. Cindi says:

    I'm sorry things aren't going well. Have faith and hope and I'll keep you in my prayers. By the way, congrats about having a girl baby–I don't know if I told you yet.


  4. Jobi Niu says:

    ugh.. I'm sorry! I hear ya. My hubby's job is really slow right now and they don't even offer insurance' itsl really stressful with a baby on the way.. I hope he finds another job. Good luck, let me know if ya need anything!


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