On Tuesday we had THE ultrasound.

I totally went in expecting to hear the words, “It’s a boy,” and well….

(Baby’s Profile – I love that the arm is up by the face…)

Instead, I heard the words, “It looks like it’s a girl.” I’m still not sure it’s right, but Eric says it is and what do I know? I can never really see well on these ultrasounds anyway.

All I know is that we are excited and this little girl already has a name. We’ve had another girl’s name picked out for YEARS and never really thought we’d get to use it. And no, I’m not saying what it is.

I am also pretty suprised because it seems that everyone in this ward who is pregnant at the moment is having girls. I was convinced that meant that I would be having a boy.

Anyway, just thought I’d update the blog and let those who hadn’t heard by now, hear.

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5 thoughts on “Shocker!!!

  1. Kaeloni says:

    Never told you Ty's reaction. I was like you get a baby girl cousin. He got a HUGE grin on his face and then went I get a girl cousin and a boy cousin…got something else you're keeping a secret??


  2. Cindi says:

    Congratulations! I am so glad that you get another little girl. She will be adored and loved, that's for sure (not that the boys aren't). I'm excited to hear what you name her. 🙂


  3. Jobi Niu says:

    YAY!!! She's be SO freakin cute like the rest of your kids. I was looking at all your kids in Sacrament Mtg yesterday how so cute they are. All the women in our ward having girls.. I wonder who will break the “girl” streak?? CONGRATS.


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