12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Outside: “On the ELEVENTH day before Christmas My Grandma gave to me…”

Inside: “ELEVEN pieces of…”


Now, you may be wondering why there are only 2 kids pictured – the reason is this:

We had a late night that night. The kids’ Uncle and his Girlfriend took the 3 older kids to go see the Zoo Lights and Grandma babysat Nate so Eric and I could go see a movie.

Well, Eric and I got back around 8:30, but the kids who went to the zoo didn’t get back until a bit after 9.

We didn’t leave Eric’s parents until about 9:30, so we didn’t get home until about 10:30. Because of the time, Nate had fallen asleep in the car as did Lex.

However, Lex woke up enough to open his 11th day gift, but REFUSED to get in the picture for me. Oh well, his loss – right?

Later today I will get to our family Christmas pictures that I know you are all dying to see…Okay, so maybe you aren’t DYING to see them – I am just DYING to share them because, for once, I am mostly pleased with how they turned out.

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