17 Days of Thankful – Day #14

More with the “cheating…”

Thankful – Day #14: I am thankful for Lex.

Lex is just so much fun to have around. He is the comic relief of the family. He is always saying funny things that make me laugh. He loves to have fun.

It’s fun to just watch him some days. Almost ANYTHING will get him excited. He truly has a love for life. Something, I truly hope he is able to keep his whole life.
Lex enjoys school and while he probably isn’t the smartest cookie, he sure loves his teacher and school. When he asks if it’s a school day and he gets told, “yes”, he gets so happy and can’t wait to go to school.

Lex likes to “collect” his toys. He doesn’t do so much “playing” with the toys as just keeping them with him. He likes to know where they are at at all times and has to be in close proximity to them.

Lex is a friendly child and makes friends easily. We can be anywhere at all and he’ll always find a “friend”. We were on vacation last April and some lonely kid just kept hanging around (mostly he wanted to hang with Shaylyn, who wanted NOTHING to do with him) and Lex being the person he is befriended him and was so happy that he made a friend. When the kid had to go home, Lex told us, “That was my new friend.”

Lex is a great reminder to me to not judge people on the outside and that most anyone can be a friend. He is also a great reminder to not let what people think of me get to me. I should just be happy with who I am and that’s that.

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