17 Days of Thankful – Day #12

Call this cheating if you will, but it’s my blog and my list so I will do what I want!!!

Thankful – Day #12: I am thankful for Tanis.

Tanis is my biggest helper EVER!!! If I need a favor he will always jump to it. He is also the one who will ask me at times if there is anything he can do for me. If the kids are told to clean, he is the one that will stick with it and do as he is told.

This boy is a sweet heart and wears his heart on his sleeve. He HATES getting in trouble and tries so very hard to be good. I often struggle when I have to get mad at him because I know he takes things A LOT harder than the other kids.

Tanis helps me to remember to keep things in perspective and to not fly off the handle so quickly. He is also such a great example of serving others!

I’m glad I got to take him out on a “date” Saturday night. He had so much fun and I was amazed at how he downed the salad at Olive Garden. We had so much fun and I’m glad that he wanted to spend time with his mommy.

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