17 Days of Thankful – Day #7

THANKFUL – DAY #7: I am thankful for my kids!!!

My kids are so great! I am thankful for them most of the time, but today (Sunday) I wanted to dedicate to them.

The Primary Program was today and my kids were all so cute. Lex’s part was changed from what I thought he was supposed to say, but he said it anyway and sounded so cute. Shaylyn got up and said her memorized part and I was so proud of her. Tanis decided he would like to be with a group of kids to sing a new song. I LOVED the song, and watching how excited Tanis was when he was singing it was just awesome! Nathaniel even cooperated by snuggling with Daddy most of the meeting so that I could actually pay attention to the other kids.

I love Primary Programs and enjoy them even more now that my kids are involved!

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