17 Days of Thankful – Day #3

Once again, I am a bit behind on actually making this post ON Day #3 and my excuse is that I was working on Scout stuff all day yesterday, then we had Scouts and after Scouts I ran away for a bit. So yeah…

Hopefully I’ll get my act together though and actually start posting things ON the correct date.

Now onto:

Thankful – Day #3: I am thankful for my body.

(Picture from www.snorgtees.com)

Okay, now before you think I am being vain or something – I am NOT saying, “Oh look at me, I am so hot!” Because hey, I know that’s not the case.

I am actually just talking about all the things our bodies are capable of. I was able to go play Volleyball with same ladies in the ward last night and have done so for a number of Wednesday nights. However, I didn’t play for the 2 previous weeks for various reasons, so it was nice to get back to it.

I am also just amazed when I stop to think about all the things our bodies can do. There are just so many things. Our bodies truly are amazing machines and I am thankful to have a body that is still working!

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