Weekend Fun

The weekend of October 23rd was quite the weekend for us.

Eric’s older brother’s family came into town for a few weeks. And during this time they were baptising their 8 year old son out in Utah, since a large part of both families live out here.

So, Friday was the baptism. Our nephew had quite the turn out of people there to support him and I am so glad that we were able to attend. I am also glad that the kids got to see another baptism before Shaylyn’s coming in February…(Yikes)
After dinner we all (and by all – I think I mean everyone who was at the baptism) went to dinner at Marie Callendar’s. We had a great time visiting and enjoyed the food. The kids were even mostly well behaved considering the day they had had. (I’m still upset I didn’t take any pictures on Friday)

Saturday morning Eric woke up early and I then had the job of waking up 2 children that early as well. They were all going fishing with Eric’s dad and middle brother. The two that went: Shaylyn & Lex. I knew Tanis wouldn’t go as he is an indoor kid and doesn’t like being out in the cold.

So I got Shaylyn & Lex all ready and made sure they had enough warm clothes and jackets to enjoy themselves, then I went back to bed.

Eric was a good husband and took pictures for me because he knows how important they are to me, and he (along with his brother) took some winners. Sadly, the kids didn’t catch any fish – but Eric caught 4 (and a stick), his brother caught 6, and his Dad got 2.

Sunday evening we had a big family dinner at Eric’s parents house. We are talking aunts and uncles and cousins who came over to visit with Eric’s bro’s family for a bit. It was a yummy dinner and it really hit the spot. The kids all got to play with cousins and the adults got to visit.

When we got home that night I made birthday gifts for my nephew and Eric’s middle brother. They have birthdays within 3 days of each other.

Monday we woke up about the same time as usual and got everyone ready and off we headed to Eric’s parents, again. The whole Hardy family was having an outing. We were meeting at Eric’s parents house to head to the Front Runner station to take Front Runner to Ogden.

The kids LOVED riding Front Runner. They all thought it was pretty cool and loved being up so high. It made me sick.

When we got to Ogden we walked a few blocks to the Treehouse Museum and spent the day there. This museum was pretty cool and the kids had a BLAST!

We took a break around 1 or 2 for lunch and then we were able to go back to the museum and explore some more. The kids had a good day and were so happy to spend a day with their cousin, their uncles and Grandma & Grandpa.

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