Is there anything I can really say about Halloween? I mean really, it’s just the same story you hear from everyone – got the kids ready, took pictures, went trick-or-treating, came home, scoped out the candy and went to bed.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it happened here too, only we went to my mommy’s house (My little bro that lives in Wyoming was in town). And the kids got to go trick-or-treating with their cousin, Tyler. Can I also mention that my kids scored at 2 houses?

At one house they got full bags of licorice. I’m talking the $3.00 a pop bags, here. At another house they got a full can of root beer. Nice, huh?

I was happy the weather was nice and all of our cute kids had fun.

On a side note: I helped with Lex’s class party on Friday and took Nathaniel with me, so a couple pics are from Friday as well.


Oh yeah, Kaeloni & Cody: Thanks so much for keeping me company that night & for helping me with Nater Gater!!!

I decided to dress up very last minute for Lex’s class party, so I had to come up with something we had at home…

Halloween Parade Pics (Tanis & the other 4th graders were “too old” for the parade.)

When the Kindergarten class went to listen to a story, Nate went right with them and sat right down to listen as well.

Indy Tanis

Very Bat Girl Shaylyn (She copied the model’s pose from the packaging)

Iron Man Lex

The Cutest Little Garden Gnome

What Garden Gnome should have looked like, but he wouldn’t keep either thing on.

Hey, Mickey!!! Put down that stinkin’ mat so we can take a picture!

About the best one I got of all 5 kids. Lil’ Sis has a better one but she isn’t sharing…

Oh, well at least we got a semi-cute one of the older 4 kids.

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