How Sad Is It????

So last night I made dinner, and it was something we have quite often in our house. Well I also make something to go along with it. Nothing major and nothing extravagant, but the hubby likes it. (Perhaps someday I will do something more extravagant with it…That someday being when I actually plan dinner out hours in advance and have time to spare to do some extra baking/cooking) Yesterday, I had the thought that I wasn’t even going to make this:

Because the #1 fan of these wasn’t here to enjoy it. (Yup, Eric got called out of town AGAIN) However, I still made them and the kids had one and life went on. But how sad is it that I miss my hubby enough that I don’t even want to make foods he likes?

And in other news: Yes, I know there was no Monday’s Meandering Thoughts this week…This week has gotten away from me and now that this week is almost OVER, I am just going to forego the thoughts for this week….Sorry if that makes anyone sad.

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