Monday’s Meandering Thoughts – 09/14/09

Perhaps, eventually I will actually get to Monday’s Meandering Thoughts ON A MONDAY!….Oh well…This past Monday, it totally blew my mind and Tuesday I was gone all day, so yeah…. However, I now give you Monday’s Meandering Thoughts for…Monday, September 14.


THOUGHT #1: THESE PHOTOS: Photo #1 & #2 – I’ve been going through my friends’ photo album online and keep running across so many pictures that she has taken, mostly of my kids, but wow, she has been busy. These two that I ran across and chose to share today are from our trip to the zoo this past June. It’s nice to have some pictures of me & my kids since I am usually the one BEHIND the camera.

THOUGHT #2: QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Our families need the Peace of God in their lives, and if we can’t or won’t invite the Lord into our lives, then our families become a reflection of our own turmoil. Women are asked to be nurturers to their families, but we must also be firm; we must be the hard rock footings on which our homes can stand. Our families need us to speak peace to them.” – Kathleen M. Hughes

THOUGHT #3: SCRAPBOOKED: Okay, so technically this isn’t really “scrapbooking”, but I think it’ll help WITH my scrapbooking. For a complete list and where I found the instructions for my “Idea Book” check out my craft blog.

THOUGHT #4: MOVIE QUOTE: “My Sentiments Exactly.” Okay, so I am a tad bit IN LOVE with the movie musical, Mamma Mia!, that was released last year. It’s the one that stars Meryl Streep (who I usually don’t love), Pierce Brosnan (whom I’ve loved since the Remington Steele Days), Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard. Anyway, I am so in love with this movie that Eric actually bought the Blu Ray disc for me shortly after we watched it from a Red Box, and I of course bought the soundtrack shortly after watching it as well. I was way behind in seeing it, but it’s one movie that kept me interested from beginning to end and of course musicals ALWAYS make me miss my acting days….La sigh….A

This quote is said by Pierce’s character a number of times in the movie and it’s always hilarious!!! And for whatever reason it is the quote on my mind at the moment…

THOUGHT #5: ON MY MIND: I just cannot get back into the swing of the school schedule. Getting each of the kids to school – piece of cake…Getting into the swing of homework, and reading…Well actually it’s just the reading….not so easy.

I am just not a person that responds well to schedules most of the time. Stuff like church and that sort of schedule I can handle, but scheduling 1 minute to the next just doesn’t happen easily for me.

I am hoping that in a few weeks, I will be better and be back in the swing of things….

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