Monday’s Meandering Thoughts – A Bit Late…

Yes, I’m late again…But hey, Monday was a holiday and we were gone all day (more on that later) and yesterday I spent the day painting the main bathroom and spent that time wondering why in the world I ever decided to do it….


THOUGHT #1: THESE PHOTOS: Photo #1 & #2 – Loving these because it shows just how uberly talented my children are. HAHAHA! Nah, I just like them because it shows both of them trying something new and succeeding at it. It makes me so happy! (And thanks to Aunt Kami for keeping Shaylyn modest…)

THOUGHT #2: QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ” Husbands and wives who love each other will find that love and loyalty are reciprocated. This love will provide a nurturing atmosphere for the emotional growth of children. Family life should be a time of happiness and joy that children can look back on with fond memories and associations.” – Ezra Taft Benson

THOUGHT #3: SCRAPBOOKED: Nada…It seems to be a recurring theme with me lately. I am hoping to get some time to scrapbook this week, though…Maybe even today!

THOUGHT #4: RANDOM THOUGHT: “Just wishing I could do the job for you, sir. I’d give her a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OUU-WA! And I’d kick her, sir.” That’s from the movie Anastasia…One of my all time faves. At our family bbq on Monday this line was brought up somehow. It took me back….And yeah there are a few people at the moment I’d like to give a HA and a HI-YA to at the moment…. Like the teenaged kids who sat in front of us in a movie theater and couldn’t stay in their seats and the parents who let them…Really, why in the heck did you have to keep getting up and coming back?

THOUGHT #5: ON MY MIND: Do I spend extra $$$ to see New Moon in a themed theater??? I could be in heaven in a Jacob themed theater…I could justify it as my bday gift as it’s just a few days after my bday, but do I really wanna do that? Plus, who am I gonna bribe into watching my kids at midnight on a school night….Any volunteers??? 😉

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