Labor Day Festivities

Much to Eric’s chagrin, we had a jam packed Labor Day. I had lots of fun though!

We started out the day planning to go to Hollywood Connection, but while we were on the freeway, I remembered that the kids had always wanted to go to Jungle Jim’s Playland, so we gave them an option of Hollywood Connection or Jungle Jim’s Playland. They chose Jungle Jim’s Playland.

Seeing as how it was their first time at Jungle Jim’s they had a blast! They loved riding on the rides and running around crazy. Lex made a girlfriend and they rode every ride together until it was time for us to leave. Shaylyn wanted to go crazy fast in the “Teacup” type ride that they have. Tanis was a sport and went on everything, even if he didn’t care for it, and Nathaniel even enjoyed the rides – until he got tired. Nathaniel’s favorite rides were the carousel and the swings. He smiled when he was on the swings and imitated Shaylyn’s horsey neighs on the carousel.

– Tanis’ face says it all: he was NOT enjoying it much –

– Protective Big Sister, Cause Mommy Couldn’t Fit On That Ride –

After we had enough fun at Jungle Jim’s we headed to the dollar movies to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. We all enjoyed the movie and were even more excited that it only cost us $2.50 to get the whole family in. Gotta love $0.50 Monday’s!!!

After the movie we headed to my parents for a BBQ. It was lots of fun visiting with family and catching up. After we finished eating we decided to take the kids over to the school to play on the playground. Of course, they all enjoyed it and could’ve stayed all night.

– Best Cousins –

– A Trick He Learned From His Siblings –

– My Blue Eyed Baby –

However, we had to call it a night as we had to get home because the kids had school the next morning. It was a very fun day and one I hope the kids will all remember!

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2 thoughts on “Labor Day Festivities

  1. Jobi Niu says:

    FUN! I wish I had a fun Labor Day weekend. I was SICK.. ugh. Of course LEx made a Girl Friend at Jungle Jims PLayland.. He's a lil stud! Where is that place? I bet my boys would love it. Although looking at those spinning ride pics makes me sick… ha ha so maybe after my nausea stage..we'll go! That picture of Nathaniel is SOOO CUTE. LOVE his blue eyes.


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