And There Goes Another One…

Yesterday, Lex started Kindergarten. He was so excited and was literally jumping around all day. He couldn’t wait to go. (Perhaps, I should have put him in the AM classes…) All day long he kept asking if it was time to or when we were going to be going. I was so happy that he was so excited! But, like I’ve said before – Lex gets excited/animated about most things in life.
We were ready at 12:20, so that I could get the classic “school pictures.” I love this boy and you can see how excited he was in the first picture.

On the way to school, we stopped and picked up his best friend, Brayden. Sadly, though, Brayden and Lex are in different classes. Lex doesn’t mind it too much though, as one of the kids we did the preschool thing with is in his class.

I do have to admit that I got a little teary eyed sending Lex off to school for the 1st day. He was my baby for a good 3 years, and it’s weird to have him gone for 3 hours everyday.

Below are some other pics of Lex’s 1st day

Did this same pic with Shaylyn, so had to do it with Lex as well.

Heading into class for the first time

After a successful 1st day of school.

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