Eric’s Surprise!!!!!!!!

Look at those faces! They were quite pleased with the surprise, me not so much – even though I knew what was coming. I will confess that I was only slightly more pleased when I saw this surprise in person!

And hey, isn’t it convenient that my 200th post is something about surprises. Yeah, well it entertained me for all of 5 minutes….

Anyway, here is the surprise:

We have added 3 toads to our family. They are named Mario, Danny & Sam. And each of those names comes from some form of entertainment and each was chosen by one of the kids…

* Lex chose Mario (Mario Bros. Fame) who is the smaller, slightly darker green one
* Shaylyn chose Danny (Danny the Phantom TV Show) who is the big, darker green one
* Tanis chose Sam (Danny the Phantom TV Show) who is is the black one

I was only slightly more pleased because these are tiny little things and not the big frogs I had envisioned in my head when Eric first told me about it. I have to say it’s been fun to watch how excited Nathaniel is with them. At least a couple times a day, I have to pull the chair over to the tank, so that he can watch the toads. (And no, the tank is not going to stay on the dishwasher forever…It’s just the temporary spot until I can figure out exactly where I want these amphibians)

Tanis has wanted frogs for a very, very long time and we just kept putting if off. I guess we kind of hoped that desire would fade. Well, it never faded completely away… So, when someone at Eric’s work offered him the toads, he agreed.

Ah well, at least these critters won’t mess up anything in the house…Which is more than I can say for 2 hairy other critters abiding in our abode.

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