Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

As everyone already knows or has gathered school has officially begun again. Our kids went back on Thursday the 20th. I am still confused as to why they didn’t just wait 2 days and start the kids today, but whatever!

Anyway on Wednesday we were able to go find out who Tanis & Shaylyn had for teachers. They both ended up with teachers new to the school, but both teachers look great and the kids say they like them. (Geez, I even think Lex’s teacher is new…)
Shaylyn’s teacher is a young girl and when we first walked into the classroom, I was looking for a teacher…It took me a moment to realize the teacher was the young girl with the camera. Shaylyn got her picture taken and was able to choose her own seat. She doesn’t have any of her good friends in her class this year, but there are some kids that she knows, so she is okay.
Tanis was very shy to meet his teacher and didn’t say a whole lot. He was lucky to find an open seat next to the name “Shay.” We took a chance that this was his good friend from last year and he chose to sit next to her. Luckily, it is his good friend from last year and he has now been able to relax a bit.
I feel bad for Lex as he still has to wait until Thursday to start Kindergarten, but I am so glad that he is looking forward to it!
And now, without further ado…the classic 1st day of school pics!

Baby Brother thought he needed a turn too!

Yeah, don’t let them fool you…They don’t always get along so nicely.

We let Grandma buy the backpacks this year and we didn’t quite get them in time for the 1st day of school, but I still had to get a picture of the kids with their NEW backpacks!

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