90 Years Young!!!

On Saturday we had the opportunity to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday with her. True, we didn’t get much face time with Grandma as it was a big to-do and she had lots and lots of visitors on her big day, but we had lots of fun with family. (Sidenote: My header has pictures of my grandma as a baby and when she was about 18 on it)

I also got the priviledge of creating a slideshow of her life to show. Well we had a few bumps getting everything to work, but we eventually did (MUCH THANKS TO ERIC & CODY FOR THAT) and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed gathering the pictures of her and putting it all together. While doing so I found a few pictures that I just loved! I will share a few…

I like this picture because Grandma (left) looks like she is having lots of fun with her friends.

This one I like because I see a family resemblance. Mostly I see my older brother, but I can see me a bit as well. Grandma is on the bottom right.

I just love the way Grandma is looking at Grandpa. Grandpa is holding child #1.

Grandma telling some kind of story about Grandpa. My Grandpa was Bishop for a number of years and I guess the ward put on a “This Is Your Life” type thing for him.

My Grandpa wasn’t a real touchy, feely kind of guy, so I love that this picture exists.

Mission Photo! When I grow up I want to be just like Grandma & Grandpa. šŸ˜‰
They were released and came home the same year I was born.

At some point after their mission, but before they came home. They served somewhere in California.

After the party we headed to my mom & dad’s to play games with my little bro who lives in Wyoming. Any time he comes up – it’s game time!

We had a long day, but it was so worth it!

I will leave this post with pictures taken at Grandma’s Birthday Party! Oh, and in case you start to wonder – yes, my mommy’s family all had to wear red (Each of Grandma’s children’s families had a certain color to wear) and the numbers we have on represent the # we are in Grandma’s descendents. She ended up have 90 descendents on her 90th birthday, cool huh?

You better believe I got a picture with my Grandma. I wish I had more from when I was little.

I’m a sucker for pictures with Eric & his kids.

Towards the end of the night, Nate was getting restless, but as soon as he got a balloon he was in HEAVEN!

Baby Boy & Baby Brother

My Mommy & Her Wild Grandboys

Shaylyn loves Uncle Devin! He is the ONLY one allowed to call her, “Shaylie”!


Sisters with Mommy’s Boys


The Fam with Grandma

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