Holiday Weekend

What a crazy weekend we had.

We all know that last Friday was Pioneer Day. (I love living in Utah and having such fun holidays so close together) We had plans to go to my aunt’s that night and watch the fireworks at Liberty Park. (My aunt lives just south east of the park)

Well, we had Tanis’ birthday party with his friends planned for the next afternoon, so I had to do some multitasking. Friday found me baking cupcakes, while cleaning the house all at the same time. It was a crazy morning/afternoon. Luckily for me, Nathaniel was an angel and had a nap for about 3 1/2 hours so I could get a bunch more done.

Around 4:30, I packed the kids in the car and we headed to pick up Eric. We figure since Eric’s office is already about halfway to my aunt’s there was no reason for him to drive home, just to turn around and leave again.

We arrived at my aunts around 6:30 and spent the rest of the night hanging out with my immediate family. I’m not sure why that happens, except that my little sister and I have our kids and my uncle, while very patient, is still very anxious with kids around and that makes us that much more anxious as parents.

Anyway, when it started getting dark, we headed out to my aunt’s front yard to wait for the fireworks to start. The kids had fun playing just in front of the gate in my aunt’s yard and my little sis and I were tired, and when we are both tired and we get together, we get crazy, so we took a bunch of pictures of us. But I am only sharing one of them, because most of them are just too cheesy!

Nathaniel was getting tired and decided to chill with another of my aunt’s whom he’s never really met. This is how we knew he was tired. But, it made for a great picture!

The fireworks were cool and as soon as they were over we left. We had a long drive ahead of us and a big day the next day.

I woke up on Saturday morning and got the last minute things done for Tanis’ birthday party. The party started at noon and ended around 2. The theme Tanis chose for his birthday was Super Mario Bros. Super Sluggers, so we started the party out with an impromtu baseball game in the backyard. It seemed like the kids had fun.

Then, because it was so hot everyone headed inside for the next activites which included: Hot Potato, Put the Ball in the Glove and a pinata. We then had a pizza lunch followed by the traditional cake and ice cream.

I think Tanis had fun, but it left Eric and I worn out. Eric was my right hand man and pretty much ran the party while I made pizzas for lunch. Without Eric I think the party would’ve been disastrous.

After the party was over, I spent a couple hours decorating the cupcakes for the family party on Sunday. Then, it was time to head to the Bees game.

My father in law had gotten a couple extra tickets, so I invited my little sister and nephew to come along. My little sister was feeling kind of sick and wasn’t able to go with her hubby to visit with some of his family, so I thought she needed something to do.

We got to the game on time for once and we were able to get food without standing in line forever. Eric and I opted for BBQ, while the kids got pizza. The BBQ sandwiches we got were yummy, but mine had so much meat, that all I ate was the meat…I didn’t even get to the sandwich part before I was full..

The game was a bummer and the fireworks had some issues, but overall it was a good night and I did enjoy it. My little nephew was so cute and actually wanted me over his mother, for once. He was even so cute saying the last name “Rodriguez” (last name of a player) because he naturally rolls his ‘r’s. My kids, of course, had fun hanging out with Uncle Greg and Greg’s girlfriend. My mommy was sweet and watched Nathaniel while we went to the game.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to Shaylyn telling me that she had thrown up the night before. She didn’t come get me in the middle of the night, so it was a bit more difficult to clean. It took a 1/2 hour to get everything cleaned up and by that time, there was no way we were all going to be ready for church in time.

So, we spent the day relaxing and just chilling before we headed to Eric’s parents for dinner and Tanis’ family birthday party.

We headed to Eric’s parents around 3:00 and had a yummy dinner of steak and baked potatoes. The kids (Eric and Greg included) had fun playing a ring toss game in the backyard before the party. The party started at 6 and Tanis had lots of fun visiting with family members and celebrating his birthday.

We had a good night and we enjoyed the weekend for what it was worth, but we are exhausted! We have another exciting week coming up full of fun activities that I will post sometime next week!

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